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Saturday, February 2, 2013

"So I Heard this....." Dance Moms Season 3 rumors and spoilers! Solos, Duets, Groups, ALDC Guests and the Candy Apple's new team!

Hi Hi! Magi Here! Well Dance Mom season 3 has been up for 5 weeks now but there is more to come, however many don't wan to wait around. So I have compiled some spoilers and some spreading rumors on the future episodes of Dance Moms

NOW some of these may or may not be true

Candy Apple's new all boy competition team:

The Team

All boy. And yes people, that is Zack Torres from Dance Moms and Jalen Testerman from Live to Dance. Both have been placed on the show and it looks like cathy is putting them in a hip-hop dance (isnt that the reason why Zack was sent home in AUDC?). Jalen WILL leave before Zack. Zack will be staying on the team longer then Jalen as later the team gets another boy AND a girl. I'm not to sure if the videos posted below are going to be the starting line up.

Zack was probably brought in to hit Abby (Abby offered Zack a spot to dance with his girls when he was elminated) and Jalen brought in as the girls arn't so good at what Jalen can do. If this is the right Nick Daniels I found, then he was DEFINATLY brough in to compere directly against Brooke. This Nick Daniels is EXTREAMLY good at Acro.

The members of the team are (the () is thier team status and I don't know if i have the right videos of the right kids but im sure these are footages of zack and jalen):
Jalen Testerman (Temporary):

Zack Torres (Temporary):

Gino Cosculluela (Unknown):

Brandon Talbott (Unknown):

Nickolas Daniels (Unknown):

Samantha Gonzalez (Unknown)
No video found :(

Proof that Gino, Brandon, Nickolas, and Samantha will be on the team


Christina Kaloudis
Sophia Kalouidis
I don't know which one of the Kaloudis girls is which but the Kaloudis with the brown hair has some pretty awsome Abs.

I don't know much about these two girls but they are very telented. They dance at RGDANCE Australia and thier studio visited ALDC. They also choreographed some numbers.

Asia Monet Ray
Well that is definaltly the ALDC studio
She will supposedly replacing Mackenzie for a competition. Asia will be the third AUDC alumnai to appear on Dance Moms (Hadley and then Zack) Asia was in the top 3 and her mother will probably be on the show if she is on. It could be Christi vs Kristi.


Maddie & Mackenzie duet - Run From Mother (1st)
Paige & Chloe duet - Broadway Blonde (1st)

Nia & Kendall Dig it 5th


Rosa Parks - 1st (nia has a diffrent costume and gets a special part)
Nia gets a special part *Happy dance* hmmm though I wonder how Holly will react? Nia is typecasted (as by her special costume) But the story Rosa Parks is an important part of history and Holly is a teacher so I hope she really is a fan of the peice.

Goldigga - 1st
Dont ask, just tell - 7th
But didn't Maddie say "None of us can Hip or Hop?"

Your Dream will be my dream - 1st or 2nd
Your Dream Will Be My Dream....and my inner fangirl's dream was to see the return of Nick.


Maddie - Breaking down walls (1st)
Kendall - Look At me Now (1st)

Mackenzie - Love is war (2nd)
Maddie - Lifeline (2nd)

Chloe - Black heart (1st)
Kendall - Easy as 1 2 3 (3rd)

Those are my rumors/spoilers so far. I heard other AUDC kids might be appearing but i'm not to sure those are true but i'll keep you updated!

Magi Out!